Writing Calligraphy with a Brush Pen | We Are Calligraphy Episode 6 | Calligraphy Masters

#WEARECALLIGRAPHY was a present that was formally launched again in 2017, however for some motive, I took it down (do not bear in mind), however I made a decision it is gonna be good to have the present again on the channel with a greater edit, so individuals can get pleasure from it!
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Writing Calligraphy with a Brush Pen x Davihero

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00:13 – What’s the very first thing you ever wrote in Calligraphy?
00:47 – Who was the primary calligrapher you met in particular person?
01:20 – And the newest?
01:58 – What’s your favorite nib to write down Calligraphy with?
02:26 – What’s your favorite color to write down with?
02:58 – What Inspires you?
03:26 – What’s your high 3 favorite letters?
03:54 – What makes you unhappy?
04:25 – What makes you content?
05:00 – What is Calligraphy Masters?
05:25 – Inspiring Quote?
06:11 – A ebook or a Movie?
06:55 – What music are you listening to whereas writing Calligraphy?
07:25 – Summer or Winter?
08:05 – What’s your favorite brush pen?
08:35 – Who are you?
09:27 – P.S:
10:09 – Episode 7

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