Review: 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.5T Calligraphy

T11his capacity to pass on ideas to us throughout generations, give instructions to express, connect ideas throughout the abyss of space and time has made it feasible to make wonderful strides in our understanding of deep space, good understanding and self-understanding.

To understand how writing began, we must go to ancient Sumer, where writing first began to be used extensively. Check out. What do you see? Yes, you see potters and also sellers.

You see the streets and gardens. These temples play a big role in why writing began.

Not hundreds of people or thousands of people, but together tens of thousands. And as cities grew, so did the temples for the gods.

These massive, vast temple complexes they did not serve only as tabernacles.

No, take a better look. Do you see those guys bringing jugs packed with grain here? These temples also acted as massive warehouses. Database for the enormous wealth of the city. In excellent times, presents flowed in.

And also in difficult times, they were split back. This system produced a significant wealth for the clergyman, yet he additionally made sure that cities of this dimension can operate. But we do not care now. Look following to the men who carry the grain. Do you see a man watching them?

Keep in mind that whenever they bring a container of grain, he will certainly make a little mark on his clay table.

With such an economy, with lots of supplies, moving to and from the temple every day, they needed to keep records somehow. That table will be saved later, so that the priests may know exactly what they have at hand in their giant temple storehouse.

He drew a small image of a grain stalk next to his documents, so it is clear that his information describe grain. For generations, this good little illustration of grain has been streamlined. Extra abstract. Scribes were looking for faster as well as much easier ways to record commodities, they did not busily draw every sub-item brought to the temple, but rather they involved an equally agreed set of more symbolic depictions for products moving right into divine areas. And you can see exactly how someone could happen, that these icons require not just stand for the idea of something, however additionally the word itself.

As well as that’s specifically what occurred.

The icon for the cow was understood not just as an agent of the pet, however also as a word cow as such. Still, with a thousand nouns, you can’t do much. As well as below comes a satisfied linguistic coincidence. Do you see individuals at the temple talking with each other?

It would sound like everyone was saying the same thing over and over again if you could hear them. This is because Sumerian is a language where most words are simply syllables and also where the terms are composed of word structure. Both of these factors are necessary because when much of your words are monosyllabic, it is easy not to think of a symbol as a word, however as a sound for that word. Stop thinking of a symbol indicating a word as well as start to consider the basic meaning of its audio, which can indicate a lot more certain things. You will not draw pictures for each word in the language once you do this.

Currently you start to assume of photos as sounds and also incorporating sounds with each other permits you to develop different words.

As well as when you incorporate that with that in Sumerian a number of terms were based upon straightforward words, for example, a sickle plus grain could imply a harvest, so there is a quantum of what you can do with sounds and concepts, which represent thousands of pictures. But we’re not done yet. Since how the scribes created has transformed the means we write in Western nations today. Do you bear in mind exactly how our buddy in the temple includes grain?

Did the markers on the clay table? Watch him compose. See exactly how he composes inside out, simply as you would certainly create a list. That will change soon, due to the fact that the problem with clay is that it takes forever to completely dry. And if you accidentally rest your hand while writing from top to base, you can quickly remove the whole column you just entered.

This risk is reduced if you start writing from left to. It was easier for scribes, but other literate people, who had to read it learned from top to bottom, so they didn’t like this sideways writing.

Soon people read characters composed laterally from left to right. But due to the fact that they were inverted, they were more abstract now. Much more different from the photos and points they made use of to represent. This creating system was then adopted by the neighboring Akkad and also Elamites, who generalized it much more. Factors or small characters have actually likewise been included in figure out which component of the speech was which, to avoid ambiguity.

As well as currently you have a real creating system.

Original photos, however likewise pictograms transformed from them they entirely disappeared right into the wedge prints as well as lines created by the stylus then favored. Which suggests rather of a handful of nouns to be contacted supply lists here we have a writing system that can offer us lyrical and abstract points like the Impressive of Gilgamesh or Enum elish. Exactly how do we know all this? Funny feature of clay: When a location refute as well as all your documents are on clay, rather of being damaged, they harden and also remain.

But it will not occur here for some time. So allow’s praise scribes like this and the wonderful city of Sumer for what they gave us. A gift that lasted us more than five and a half thousand years. Writing. Since we don’t get to the False Episodes for these one-offs, I want to emphasize that this is only the first place in history where writing has flourished.

It will later develop independently in Mesoamerica and was almost certainly developed independently in China. There is a great deal of controversy over whether it has developed independently in the Indus Valley and Egypt. Although from what we have read, which is far from enough for a layman’s opinion, I believe that both groups have inherited the basic concept from Sumer. Let us know in the comments if you liked this attempt and you are interested in the history of ideas as well as the history of people and companies. We’ll try to do it sometimes if so.


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I spend a week with the heavily refreshed 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe in its new 2.5T Calligraphy trim. With much more power along with more luxury and technology, the Santa Fe is now one of the best picks in its class. It isn’t perfect though, with a new dual-clutch transmission that isn’t as smooth at low speeds as the old conventional automatic it used to have, along with a few cheap-feeling materials that still persist in the cabin. Its platform sibling, the new Kia Sorento, also offers most of the same components in a slightly more appealing package. Overall though, the revised 2021 Santa Fe is a fresh and compelling offering in the segment and well worth checking out. What do you think of the new Santa Fe? Thanks to Hyundai for providing this vehicle to review.

Time stamps:
0:00 Exterior
2:47 Interior
15:16 Initial impressions
17:27 Acceleration
19:46 Handling and Ride
22:03 Highway driving and safety tech
25:04 Fuel economy
26:31 Pricing and competitor comparisons
29:17 Depreciation
30:38 Final thoughts

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