OPAL-Urdu Calligraphy-Nastaliq-Lesson 4

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In this video you may study extremely skilled Urdu/Persian/Nastaliq Calligraphy with Qalam.

on this video you may study:
1. format of “Allif”
2. how to attract “Allif”
3. complete Qatt of Allif
4. observe of Allif

Questions in your thoughts:
1. How to attract Allif with Qalam/ calligraphy pen?
2. How to write down Allif in Urdu calligraphy?
3. How to make Allif in “Nastalique” script.
4. How a lot size of Allif in Urdu Khatati?
5. How to make “Format” for Allif?
6. What is tha idea of 4 Qatt in urdu nastaleeq?
1. You should use “Art paper” for higher end result for flowing “Qalam”
2. “Qatt” means the tip of calligraphy pen
3. “Qatt” width have to be 1/4 of inch.

1. How to make “Qalam”calligraphy pen

2. How to carry “Qalam” calligraphy pen

3. How to arrange ink pot for calligraphy:

4. How to carry “Qalam” calligraphy pen”:

5. which paper is used for calligraphy:

Calligrapher and Artist: Naveed Akhtar Uppal
Professional Diploma holder in Calligraphy from NCA Lahore.
below directions of Ustad Ji Khursheed Alam Gohar Qalam in 2007.
Founder: OPAL institute of Calligraphy & Fine Arts,
Jhelum, Paksitan.
Contact: +923005461773