ASMR 1hr Writing Arabic Alphabet with Calligraphy Pen

T11his capacity to hand down ideas to us across generations, give guidelines to share, communicate suggestions across the void of space as well as time has made it feasible to make excellent strides in our understanding of deep space, shared understanding as well as self-understanding.

To understand how writing began, we must go to ancient Sumer, where writing first began to be used extensively. Yes, you see merchants and potters.

You see the gardens and streets. What do you see towering over it all? Temples. These holy places play a large duty in why writing started. Due to the fact that Sumer was the country of the very first genuine cities on the planet.

Not numerous individuals or thousands of individuals, yet with each other 10s of thousands. And also these cities produced city-states, unified by the praise of a certain team of gods. Individuals managed irrigation as well as cities expanded. And as cities expanded, so did the holy places for the gods.

However these huge, vast temple complexes they did not serve only as tabernacles.

Do you see those men bringing jugs full of grain here? These temples also served as huge warehouses.

Look next to the men who carry the grain. Do you see a man watching them?

Keep in mind that whenever they bring a container of grain, he will certainly make a little mark on his clay table.

With such an economy, with lots of supplies, moving to and from the temple every day, they needed to keep records somehow. That table will be saved later, so that the priests may know exactly what they have at hand in their giant temple storehouse.

He drew a tiny image of a grain stalk alongside his documents, so it is clear that his information describe grain. For generations, this good little drawing of grain has actually been streamlined. A lot more abstract. Scribes were looking for faster and less complicated means to videotape products, they did not busily attract every sub-item offered the temple, but instead they involved an equally concurred set of even more symbolic representations for goods streaming right into holy areas. And also you can see exactly how somebody might happen, that these symbols require not just stand for the principle of something, yet also the word itself.

Which’s exactly what happened.

The symbol for the cow was understood not only as a representative of the animal, but also as a word cow. Still, with a thousand nouns, you can’t do much. And here comes a pleased etymological coincidence. Do you see individuals at the temple speaking with each other?

It would sound like everyone was saying the same thing over and over again if you could hear them. This is due to the fact that Sumerian is a language where most words are just syllables and also where the terms are made up of word make-up. Both of these points are very important because when much of your words are monosyllabic, it is simple not to think of a symbol as a word, however as a sound for that word. Stop reasoning of an icon suggesting a word as well as begin to think of the general significance of its audio, which can suggest a lot more particular points. Once you do this, you will not draw images for each and every word in the language.

Now you start to think about photos as audios and combining audios together enables you to develop different words.

And when you combine that with that in Sumerian a number of terms were based on simple words, for example, a sickle plus grain could mean a harvest, so there is a quantum of what you can do with sounds and concepts, which represent thousands of images. Because how the scribes wrote has changed the way we write in Western countries today.

See how he writes from top to bottom, just as you would write a list. And if you accidentally rest your hand while writing from top to bottom, you can easily delete the entire column you just typed.

This risk is reduced if you start writing from left to. It was easier for scribes, but other literate people, who had to read it learned from top to bottom, so they didn’t like this sideways writing.

Soon people read characters written sideways from left to. This writing system was then adopted by the neighboring Akkad and Elamites, who generalized it even more.

And currently you have an actual creating system.

Initial pictures, but likewise pictograms transformed from them they completely disappeared into the wedge prints and lines produced by the stylus then preferred. Which means rather of a handful of nouns to be created to stock lists below we have a creating system that can offer us abstract and also lyrical points like the Impressive of Gilgamesh or Enum elish. How do we recognize all this? Funny feature of clay: When an area burns down and also all your documents are on clay, rather than being damaged, they remain and harden.

Let’s praise scribes like this and the wonderful city of Sumer for what they gave us. Writing.

It will later develop independently in Mesoamerica and was almost certainly developed independently in China. There is a great deal of controversy over whether it has developed independently in the Indus Valley and Egypt. Although from what we have read, which is far from enough for a layman’s opinion, I believe that both groups have inherited the basic concept from Sumer. Let us know in the comments if you liked this attempt and you are interested in the history of ideas as well as the history of companies and people. If so, we’ll try to do it sometimes.


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Soothing scratching sounds from a dip pen writing the letters of the Arabic Alphabet. In this video I’m talking about pronunciation of some consonants used in the Arabic language. Binaural Soft Spoken in a Swedish accent to help you focus, relax and sleep.

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1:31 New Spotify Release
2:58 Hi
7:25 International Phonetic Alphabet Ramble
12:39 T and D
16:24 After drinking a glass of water
19:51 Pharyngealized consonants
23:55 Nibs and holders
27:30 Calligraphy Writing starts
35:03 Basic shapes
40:24 Alphabetic order
45:42 Short vowels
47:36 Calligraphy Writing in Abjadi order
56:15 Hamza, Fatta, Damma, Kasra
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