วิธีเขียน Calligraphy ฉบับณชร | How to: Calligraphy in style of Natcharee

T11his capability to pass on ideas to us throughout generations, provide guidelines to share, interact concepts across the abyss of space and time has made it feasible to make fantastic strides in our understanding of the universe, good understanding as well as self-understanding.

Yet to comprehend exactly how creating started, we have to most likely to old Sumer, where creating first began to be utilized thoroughly. Take a look around. What do you see? Yes, you see potters as well as sellers.

You see the gardens and streets. These temples play a big role in why writing began.

Not hundreds of people or countless individuals, but with each other 10s of thousands. As well as these cities produced city-states, united by the praise of a certain group of gods. People controlled irrigation and also cities expanded. And as cities grew, so did the holy places for the gods.

These massive, vast temple complexes they did not serve only as tabernacles.

Do you see those men bringing jugs full of grain here? These temples also served as huge warehouses.

Look next to the men who carry the grain. Do you see a man watching them?

Keep in mind that whenever they bring a jug of grain, he will make a little mark on his clay table.

With such an economic climate, with great deals of materials, relocating to and from the holy place every day, they required to maintain records somehow. Which’s exactly what he does. That table will be saved later, so that the clergymans might recognize precisely what they contend hand in their large holy place warehouse. Even though brands have their place in the original writing, there is something much more interesting for us on this damp piece of clay that he holds.

He attracted a little photo of a grain stalk alongside his documents, so it is clear that his data describe grain. For generations, this good little drawing of grain has been streamlined. A lot more abstract. Scribes were looking for faster and also simpler means to tape products, they did not laboriously draw every sub-item offered the temple, however rather they pertained to a mutually concurred set of more symbolic depictions for goods flowing right into divine locations. As well as you can see how a person can occur, that these symbols need not just represent the principle of something, yet additionally words itself.

And that’s specifically what occurred.

The symbol for the cow was recognized not only as a rep of the pet, yet likewise as a word cow thus. Still, with a thousand nouns, you can’t do much. And here comes a delighted linguistic coincidence. Do you see the people at the holy place talking with each other?

Both of these points are important because when many of your words are monosyllabic, it is easy not to think of a symbol as a word, but as a sound for that word. Stop thinking of a symbol indicating a word and begin to think about the general meaning of its sound, which can indicate more specific things.

Currently you begin to think of pictures as audios and also combining audios together enables you to produce different words.

And when you combine that with that in Sumerian a number of terms were based on simple words, for example, a sickle plus grain could mean a harvest, so there is a quantum of what you can do with concepts and sounds, which represent thousands of images. Because how the scribes wrote has changed the way we write in Western countries today.

See how he writes from top to bottom, just as you would write a list. And if you accidentally rest your hand while writing from top to bottom, you can easily delete the entire column you just typed.

This risk is reduced if you start writing from left to. Enough people in the temple didn’t like the innovation. It was simpler for scribes, yet other literate individuals, who had to review it discovered from top to base, so they really did not like this sidewards writing. So what did the scribes do? They merely rotated all the characters 90 levels to make sure that one could turn the table and also read it from top to bottom as usual.

Soon people read characters written sideways from left to. Yet because they were upside down, they were much more abstract now. A lot more various from the things and pictures they made use of to stand for. This composing system was then taken on by the bordering Akkad and Elamites, who generalized it even a lot more. Variables or small personalities have additionally been included in determine which part of the speech was which, to avoid ambiguity.

As well as now you have a real writing system.

Initial pictures, however also pictograms transformed from them they totally went away right into the wedge prints and also lines developed by the stylus then liked. Which indicates rather than a handful of nouns to be contacted stock checklists right here we have a writing system that can provide us abstract and also lyrical things like the Epic of Gilgamesh or Enum elish. How do we know all this? Amusing feature of clay: When a location burns down and also all your documents are on clay, rather of being ruined, they harden and also remain.

Let’s praise scribes like this and the wonderful city of Sumer for what they gave us. Writing.

From what we have read, which is far from enough for a layman’s opinion, I believe that both groups have inherited the basic concept from Sumer. Let us know in the comments if you liked this attempt and you are interested in the history of ideas as well as the history of companies and people.


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